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Microsoft Imagine not available anymore

Imagine Premium and Standard has been changed by Microsoft to "Azure Dev Tools" on February 11th 2019. Right now you can not purchase any software from the Webstore. You can only get the keys and files which you maybe have purchased before. We can´t say how to use the new program "Azure Dev Tools" because Microsoft did not inform anyone in Germany, how the change will impact the workflow.

We thought the progress won't change and the webshop will be kept. But that isn't the case. If you log in and try to get some Microsoft products, you will be forwarded to a Microsoft-website, where you have to login with a Microsoft-account, which does not exist.  So, please safe your time by not trying to login with any of your mailadresses or other accounts. We did not send Microsoft any information about you, so Microsoft can identify you as a member of the university.