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Introduction to Software Deployment in Virtualized Research Environments

This ViCE workshop on Virtualized Research Environments organized by the ViCE team of the eScience group will be held at the computer center of the university of Freiburg. The main focus will be on NEST and possibly other Neuroscience related software (e.g. Neuron, Tensorflow), although there will possibly be participants from other fields.
Wann 04.12.2017
von 10:00 bis 17:00
Wo Rechenzentrum, Raum -113
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Here are the principal goals of the event planned:
  • Overall: Learn how to create, use and maintain and share virtual research environments (VRE) on NEMO or bwCloud.
  • Clarify distinction between the ability to distribute/reconstruct a VRE (ViCE) versus the ability to reference/archive/re-execute of VRE (CiTAR)
  • Usage of "conda" for software package management in user space (i.e. no admin required)
  • Create and run singularity containers on HPC for maximum independence from given HPC node operating system and software environment
  • Handle particular or conflicting Python requirements in separate VREs
  • Share VRE images or VRE recipes between users
We might extend the Codejam to other users interested in Virtualized Software Environments (VRE), but we would like to have a core group of interested participants from Neuroscience.

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