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The University IT Services offers numerous courses and workshops for Freiburg Universitystudents and employees. Some courses are offered in conjunction with other academic institutes, such as the Center for Higher Learning or for General Studies.

Part of the University IT Services' duties is the provision of teaching and guidance for the application of e-learning, IT courses for students and employees as well as education for specialists in IT technology. Students, employees and University scholarly contributors can attend the courses offered by the University IT Services. 

The courses take place in the computer labs located in the Hermann-Herder-Straße 10 (Groundfloor) or in the University Library building #2, Rempartstraße 16.

Some of the courses are offered especially for students, however these courses often require payment.

Refer to the links below for further information, including how to apply for a course.

Please send any questions or suggestions regarding the courses to

Courses offered

... for Employees
Courses, workshops and teaching seminars for Freiburg University employees.