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Mini PCs for working from home

As a preventive measure and in case there are going to be supply shortages due to the corona crisis, 100 Mini PCs from the BW-PC range of products are currently stored at the computer center. The PCs are suitable as home office computers, as they are small and powerful and costs are kept to a minimum.

The Mini PCs are equipped with 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, i5-9500T-CPU; they have 2 display ports (DP) so that two monitors can be connected. The price is 325€ net including mouse, keyboard and Windows 10 Home. 


There is the option to have Windows 10 Enterprise, MS Office (state contract), VPN client, Sophos Endpoint and other standard software set up on the Mini PC by the computer center staff. 

Please note, that depending on our workload and availability, this may take a few days. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate other software requests; if you need special software, you have to install it yourself.

You can find the original message and additional information on the website of the University’s central administration at

For information concerning the order form please also see the above-mentioned website.