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VPN: Using university resources frugally

Due to the increased home office activity, there are currently bottlenecks when using VPN. The computer center therefore asks you to use these resources frugally. For Windows users there is also a new VPN client available.

All users of the University VPN are asked to limit their VPN use to when they absolutely have to be in the university network

Examples of when you do not need to be connected to the VPN: 
  • When working on publicly accessible web platforms like ILIAS, HISinOne, Adobe Connect, video server

  • To access your home directory (file server). Access is also possible via the login server:
For Linux/Mac via "ssh" or sshfs or FileZilla (s
For Windows e.g. via FileZilla (free) via s

Additional Information:

For Windows users a new VPN client has been made available, which offers a higher bandwidth. This client should be preferred! You can find more information on our website.

Please use the shared resources responsibly to the benefit of all. 


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