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Handicap Accessibility

Barrier-free access to the University IT Services building, including offices, computer labs and toilets.

Building Access

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The wheelchair-accessibile entrance is located on the east side of the University IT Services building, next to the parking lot near the prison.





This entrance leads to an elevator that requries a Unicard with special access rights, the ID-card reader is located near the left handrail. With this elevator you can reach every floor in the building, and should an emergency arise, please use the telephone in the elevator.

Work stations

Various work stations in the basement level computer labs have wheelchair access.


A fully accessible and barrier-free toilet is located on the west side of the first floor, next to the Men's Restroom.


Students and employees using wheelchairs or with other handicaps (disabled person pass displaying characters "B," "B1" or "aG") can request the ability to open these doors by adding a special function to his/her Unicard.

Please bring the proper ID-cards to the following secretaries at the University IT Services in order to obtain such benefits:

Tel.: 203-4653


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