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Cisco Webex video conferencing solution

The data center has received a commercial video conferencing solution (Webex from the company Cisco) for a test phase of 80 days, from which most of the university's employees can benefit.

In the wake of the current situation, we have been given the opportunity by Bechtle to run an extensive test on Webex as video conference solution for the next 80 days. During this period, we have the opportunity to evaluate the system, but also competing solutions such as Zoom and others, and, if necessary, to purchase it campus-wide for a longer period if the demand should arise.

The video conferencing solution Webex is now available to all employees of the university. 

So if you are interested in a commercial video conferencing solution, you can use Cisco's Webex offer at no additional cost. Simply write a mail with your Unimail address to and we will create an account for you. 

We will try to set it up as soon as possible so that you can access the service as quickly as possible and hold meetings or conferences with internal or external parties. 

We are also preparing an information website today, which will give you a more detailed overview. We will link to it here.