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Maintenance and expansion of bwCloud and de.NBI Cloud successfully completed

The necessary annual maintenance work at all four bwCloud sites was successfully completed and all VMs can be started again by their users. In the course of this, a renewed RAM expansion for 20 de.NBI nodes took place.

The maintenance was successful and the appropriate patches were applied at all four sites one after the other. In Freiburg, the opportunity was taken to improve the cabling and to expand 20 of 27 of the single-socket AMD machines by 256 GB RAM to half a terabyte. RAM is the least shareable resource, so this is where the greatest need for expansion exists.

As announced via mail and here at this point, all instances of the Freiburg and Ulm regions have to be restarted manually. So far we have not encountered any problems.

If you have any problems, please contact us via the ticket system:

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