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New licenses for Zoom, Sunday booked and assigned

Last Sunday, the procured Zoom licenses were successfully booked in the Zoom portal and automatically assigned to the licensed accounts. There were no interruptions in service. More information can be found below.

The new license year for Zoom started last Sunday. The licenses were successfully registered and automatically assigned to the users.

All account holders can continue to plan and hold meetings with up to 300 participants and without time restrictions.

Until further notice, requests for the creation of new licensed accounts can be reported via the mail address

Accounts that are no longer needed should also be reported to so that we can delete them. If you just want to assign the license to someone else, you can do this after registration on the website in the profile by changing the "registration email" or, if necessary, contact the above mentioned mail address again.

For larger events the large room licenses are available again, which allow 500-1000 participants. Instructions on how to book a timeslot can be found here.

NEW: We have also purchased a webinar license for up to 500 participants. Anyone interested in using the webinar license should also contact us via

For more information and to view the soon-to-be-adapted Zoom policy, please visit our Zoom website at

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