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Not receving emails or automatic university notifications?

Apparently, a lot of emails and automatic notifications regarding university topics (e.g. from HISinOne, ILIAS or MyAccount) are landing in the spam folders of many students and university guests with external email addresses, meaning they don´t receive the emails. This applies especially to Google (Gmail).

In case you are affected or hear from other students/faculty that you´re not receiving emails, have a look at the following tips:

1) Regularly check spam folder

Please check the spam folder of your email account regularly and look for emails from university addresses.

2) Avoid spam: configure filter rule

If you prefer to not check your spam folder regularly or simply can´t, you can configure your filter rules so that all emails from the university land in your normal inbox. In the filter, insert the rule: take * out of spam.

We prepared a how-to for Gmail (PDF). For other providers suchs as, t-online, Yahoo etc. please look up the instructions on the web.

3) Get a University of Freiburg email address for your studies

All students can get a university email address ( A how-to can be found in the IT Services wiki and in the IT brochure for students.