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-completed- Shelving of switched off, inactive VMs in bwCloud SCOPE Freiburg region

In the Freiburg region, the switched off, inactive bwCloud SCOPE VMs were shelved. Users can restart inactive VMs at any time. Resources allocated to the VMs were now made available for general use.

After shelving inactive VMs in the bwCloud SCOPE at the Freiburg location on May 5, 2019, the 3 remaining inactive VMs were shelved on July 3. Users can still restart the VMs. In the shelving method a snapshot of the inactive VMs is taken. Thereafter the resources allocated to that instance are made available. The VMs as a whole are not deleted and the user does not have to fear any loss of data when restarting the VM. For other users, however, reserved vCPUs and vRAM are made available.