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Adobe Media Event - CS5 and E-Learning

Adobe presented the upgrades in its CS5 product line as well as the new e-learning tools such as Adobe Presenter and Captivate 5.

adobe media event fruitAdobe is among the most renowned suppliers  of design and publishing software, best known for its programs such as Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop. 

Last Thursday, Adobe came to the University IT Services to present its new Creative Suite (CS) 5 product line. They also gave information regarding the e-learning tools they offer as well as regarding multimedia PDFs. Around 40 people attended this event, resulting in a lively round of discussion. 

A key point of the presentation regarded the e-learning solutions, such as the Adobe Presenter add-in in Microsoft PowerPoint as well as Captivate 5, both currently being used at Freiburg University.

adobe media event present

Adobe Presenter enhances PowerPoint presentations in order to include interative and audio-visual in e-learning modules  using Flash or PDF formats.  

The Captivate 5 program offers such tools, but broadens the range of functions even further. For example, using  interactive software simulation tools, you can record software learning courses that can then be edited for the currently desired objective. 

For more information or guidance in the  e-learning area, please refer to the E-learning Service Center, where you will find points of contact.