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bwLehrpool available in Campus Management (Hermann-Herder-4)

The newly established computer pool of the Campus Management department also offers bwLehrpool.
bwLehrpool available in Campus Management (Hermann-Herder-4)

Pool Room Campus Management

The bwLehrpool team (eScience dept. of the Uni IT Services) in cooperation with the local administration carried out the changeover. The pool room has been integrated into the PC pool network (goal: increase of IT security through network segmentation).

The pool, located in the basement of Herrmann-Herder-Str. 4 (Herder publishing building), consisting of nine computers, can now be used in compliance with the corona-related distancing rule, as approved by the SSI/Security staff unit.

As usual, an overview is available for the allocation of the individual machines:

R 1.2.3