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bwLehrpool: RZ Room -100 with new equipment

Due to the installation of better computers and monitors, the pool room -100 now offers much more comfortable student examination, work and training spaces.
bwLehrpool: RZ Room -100 with new equipment

Uni IT Services: Pool room -100 boasting new hardware

The workstations in the pool room -100 of the Uni IT Services have been significantly upgraded in the last few days with the help of bwPC-IV computers that became available in KG II as well as newly acquired 24'' monitors (Full HD). From now on, they are available for presence examinations and - of course only when the Covid situation allows it - for free student work and courses.

Last but not least, an almost equal level of comfort could be created in all pool rooms of the Uni IT Services, since now both Full HD screens and Full HD beamers can be used in all pool rooms.