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bwComputerLab: Introduction of new selection program vmChooser2

The newly introduced program for session choice (vmChooser2) offers extended possibilities for image selection with improved clarity.

We are delighted to inform you that the new program for choice of virtual machines (vmChooser2) has been successful.

The new vmChooser 2 offers a wide range of additional possibilities in comparison with previous versions.

  • division between virtual and native images / sessions in tabs
  • individual tab for virtual images or sessions which are allocated to the user's courses
  • filter option along key terms
  • participation in PVS system takes place through mere selection

We ask that teaching staff take care to use the search terms in the xml-file (long_description param) since the filter depends on good entered search terms.

Should existing images (or rather the respective xml-file) not be sufficiently connected to search terms, we ask that teaching staff update these. We are happy to help with this.