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bwLehrpool: wrap-up of last week's outage, e-exams, new HISinOne features

Despite the outage last Monday, upcoming e-exams were conducted (almost) according to plan and cancelled appointments were quickly made up. Additional info: bwLehrpool equipment features in HISinOne, information about e-exams.
bwLehrpool: wrap-up of last week's outage, e-exams, new HISinOne features

Overview monitor pool room occupancy

Server outages and e-exams

Due to the outage on Monday last week, which also affected the ILIAS platform, unfortunately no e-exams could be conducted for the whole day. This was quite inconvenient, especially for the students already present in the Uni IT Services and the Werthmannstraße pools. These exam dates had to be postponed. Fortunately, the exam ILIAS service was available again the next day (many thanks to all involved).

Luckily, the postponed e-exams could be made up directly two days later, thanks to the flexible bwLehrpool system (and the 'corona-conditioned' relaxed room situation).
All other exams scheduled for this week took place as planned.
bwLehrpool room search feature

Furthermore, two new HISinOne equipment features were introduced to make it easier for instructors to find rooms suitable for events or courses. These can be used to determine quickly which rooms can be used with bwLehrpool and which rooms also have a PVS system (Pool Video Switch).
  • To do this, go to the room search via CampusManagement page,
  • click on "Advanced Search" for "Equipment (including Corona seating)",
  • and there select "RZ-supported pool environment (bwLehrpool)" or "Screen control (bwLehrpool)".
Of course, both features can be further combined; for presences (e.g. e-exams), the feature "Seats with Corona spacing" is currently likely to be the most suitable.
Information on online and e-exams

If you are interested in online exams or are already planning to conduct online exams yourself (with or without video proctoring), you can find scenarios and instructions for the different forms of exams in the digital teaching toolbox. In the teaching blog you will also find more information about different types and possibilities of e-exams in our teaching pools, experience reports and contact addresses.
General questions about bwLehrpool and pool rooms can be directed to: our mail address.