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Cloud RAM increased by 7 TByte

In order to increase the resources available for storage instensive applications in Bioinformatics in the cloud infrastructure at the Freiburg location, a RAM expansion was completed last Wednesday, July 24, 2019. Thereby, 7 TByte were added to the whole system.

As part of the continued expansion of the cloud infrastructures at the Freiburg location, the RAM of some servers was expanded on July 24. The newly added 7 Terabyte RAM are now available to users of the de.NBI Cloud and bwCloud SCOPE. Like this, the increasingly larger demand can continue to be met.

The de.NBI cloud is a distributed infrastructre project, funden by the BMFT, which operates infrastructure for research and teaching at various locations in Germany. In Freiburg, operations are closely coordinated with the bwCloud, which itself is located at multiple locations throughout the state: Ulm, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Freiburg. The eScience department at the computer center is responsible for the coordination of the project in Freiburg.

Infos on the bwCloud can be found here .