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bwCloud reminder: downtime for hardware maintenance on December 12

As a reminder: On December 12, the bwCloud SCOPE at the Freiburg location will be unavailable throughout the entire day. During the downtime, we will implement new computer nodes and do maintenance work on the basic software. We cannot predict yet how long the server will offline.

As mentioned before, there will be a full-day downtime of the bwCloud SCOPE at the Freiburg location.

During this downtime, further steps in the hardware extension as well as maintenance work will be done. For this, some cabling has to be modified, which is why there will  be some shutdowns in some places as well as for the reconfiguration of the then extended storage pool (additional eight 4TByte SSDs) for the Ceph backend. The eScience department´s bwCloud team hopes to complete the job as quickly as possible in order to ensure a quick reboot.

All VMs should restart automatically. Nevertheless, the bwCloud team recommends that all users check their VMs.