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bwCloud workshop reminder: Wednesday, November 27

Next week the last (for now) bwCloud workshop event will take place. Registration is only possible through HISinOne. In this workshop we want to go through the various features that the bwCloud offers, show how to best navigate it and which framework conditions exist. The workshop will evolve mainly around the bwCloud´s practical usage possibilities and around how you as a user can realize your projects with Dashboard and API.

The bwCloud is a state resource that was developed into a generally usable service by the bwCloud project. It allows VMs of different sizes to run simultaneously and therefore complete tasks in research and administration. It can be a good alternative using dedicated hardware, especially for tests and the automization of processes.

On November 27, there will be, as part of internal training, a bwCloud admin workshop with a presentation on the different usage possibilites of the bwCloud SCOPE. Registration must be done over internal training (registration link) (event link).