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Invitation to bwCloud SCOPE workshops

As part of internal training, the bwCloud is offering two dates for a workshop on the topic of cloud applicaiton possibilities and the scripted handling via API and Ansible.

In this workshop we would like to present the possibilies that the bwCloud offers. We would also like to show how to work with the cloud and the framework within which the cloud operates. The focus will lie on the practical application possibilities of the bwCloud and how you, as a user, can realize your projects with the help of Dashboad and API.

The dates are: October 29 and November 27. The October date is only for IT Services employees, a quick email including your registration is enough. Registration for the November date is only possible through the internal training.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please send me a short email (, call me (+98641) or find me in room 121.

Links to the dates: