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bwLehrpool: Base system updated (Minilinux)

The updated base system is in operation as of today. Apart from some bugs being fixed, a number of new features are now available. However, some of these will only work once the new version of the satellite server is here, which is close to being completed. Additionally, a new version fo the bwLehrpool suite will be available in the near future.

A more detailed list showing all the new features and bug fixes can be found in the change log.

At this point, a small hint regarding the new beamergui, the program responsible for beamer settings: Ideally, the correct beamer and monitor resolution should be recognized more precisely by the base system now and also be set automatically.

Should this not happen - for example due to adapters, switches or others - the resolution can be fixed with the help of the beamergui. It can be found after starting a VM abovethe PVS toolbar, at the upper edge of the screen. We would appreciate any feedback on whether beamer cooperation has improved (apart from any other comments or feedback, which we always appreciate).

Also: The last finishing touches and the missing translation will be added in the next version.