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bwLehrpool: Biology pool rooms converted to University Pool Concept

The computer pools of the Biology II Institute, Schänzlestraße, have been adapted to the University Pool Concept. This includes the boot selection server, a separate network and, of course, the teaching and training pool.

The conversion of the two pool rooms (basement + ground floor) was carried out in the last few days by the bwLehrpool team (eScience department of the University IT Services) in cooperation with the local administration. In the course of this, the network was converted to the PC pool network together with the network department to increase IT security through network segmentation.

The pool rooms are currently blocked for known reasons; a reopening of the pools will be announced by the Faculty of Biology.

As usual, an overview of the allocation of the individual machines is available. Unfortunately, already entered dates cannot be guaranteed due to the current pool room closure.