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bwLehrpool - door signs and information boards

[Update 4.9.2020] The functionality behind the bwLehrpool info screens can be used not only for door signs, but if necessary also to search for currently free computer pool places.

A good way to use the infoscreen functionality are overview displays via large-screen display, as for example in Werthmannstr. 4, another one is simple querying via browser.

Pleaselet us know if you need an occupancy overview of a specific course room.

Biology II


Campus Management




Deutsches Seminar




Medizinische Fakultät Lehrgebäude/Medical Faculty Teaching Building




Rechenzentrum/University IT Services:


Unibibliothek (UB)/University Library:


Werthmannstraße 4:

(Symbol legend: dark olive - off, green - on, red - busy, grey - not on for more than 10 days.

The links are live, i.e. the contents are updated by the bwLehrpool system when there are changes in the allocation. Further examples with calendar are available in the ILIAS-WB admin forum.