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bwLehrpool as E-Assessment Platform at LERU Conference

The bwLehrpool system as an open PC pool and E-Assessment platform was presented at the LERU "Blended Conference November 2018 - Digital Higher Education Science" with two webinars as a joint-activity of the E-Learning and E-Science departments of the University IT Services.

The LERU Conference is split into two blocks: the online block and a presentation event. The two presentations were about the topics "bwLehrpool - a flexible infrastructure to run computer pools for teaching and e-assessment" (Stream) and "e-Assessment using Open Source systems bwLehrpool and ILIAS" (Stream) in the event track "E-assessment".

During the preparation of the webinars, an English version of the bwLehrpool user documentation was created, so that non-German speaking teachers can more easily use and get to know the system.