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Remote bwLehrpool - extended prototype and live tests

After extensive tests and evaluations, the basic module of Remote bwLehrpool was stable enough to be used in practice. Some course organizers were already curious to test it, and it works so far. However, there were also some challenges.
Remote bwLehrpool - extended prototype and live tests

First implementation of a selection option of the virtual PC Pools

After our first announcement and the published report by the University's press office, the extended practical test has now started parallel to the further developments at the beginning of the term. This is an extended prototype that implements a preliminary room selection (see picture).

The first courses (with a video conference running in parallel in a tab Remote bwLehrpool) have already been offered with this system. In the meantime, there were still problems with the availability of computers, these were solved manually. Now we hope that there is enough buffer. Further challenges are the quality of the Internet connection: low bandwidth, high latency or packet loss worsen the result and the user experience becomes "laggy". Since the whole thing is a prototype and dynamic resources (bwCloud) are used, availability cannot be guaranteed. Parallel to this, the further development of the bwGPUL project, which is funded by the MWK for 1.5 years, is also being pushed forward.

If problems occur, please use the support address to make sure that the bwLehrpool team receives the right information. If possible, please include a short information about your internet connection (DSL, cable, official bandwidth, possibly still measured bandwidth of a speed test). This helps us to understand  reasonable minimum requirements. For feedback or discussion you can also use the thread in WB-ILIAS.