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Failover tests bwSFS (completed)

Yesterday and today the major functional and failure tests of the Storage-for-Science system for research data management (failure of power supply and/or network connections or components) took place. Access to the file server components (basic service NFS or SMB) is now possible for selected users. We are currently contacting these users.
Failover tests bwSFS (completed)

Row of cabinets with the bwSFS system in the basement of KG II

Things are progressing (see also the message before the Christmas break): Yesterday and today, the major function and failure tests of the file server components for the bwSFS were run. Now the 91b co-applicants are to be the first to start using the fileservices part. These are to be configured in different variants: Classic SMB/NFS (file server component) implying here simple export, as with Isilon and user management centrally. Connection to a dedicated AD with groups and ACL management directly via this system.

The system is geo-redundant and occupies two server cabinets in the basement of KG II (machine hall III, RZ location B) and at location A in machine hall II. The system is operated by the colleagues of the eScience department (bwHPC-S5, RDMG). An overview and discussion of FDM and the considerations and developments around bwSFS can also be found on the RDMG pages on the continuing education ILIAS, inquiries about FDM via OTRS queue or by phone at 4646.