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Storage system for research data management at University IT Services in procurement

For the storage system bwSFS, which was applied for and put out to tender together with the NEMO communities, the contract could now be awarded. Various participants responsbile for data archiving and publication needs at the University of Freiburg in close cooperation with the colleagues at the University of Tübingen were involved.

Some time ago the positive review of the bwSFS (Storage-for-Science) project was reported here. After tendering, negotiation and expiry of the objection period, the official award to the bidding consortium Advanced Unibyte/NetApp could take place. The system is now going into official procurement. It is coordinated by the eScience department together with our colleagues at the ZDV of the University of Tübingen. This implies the following:

  • After the various preparatory activities such as S3/Object Store and considerations for higher-level services (file system, object storage, Gitlab, Invenio, OMERO...), the implementation will be carried out step by step in the coming months.
  • Based on the current planning, complete availability is expected as of Q1/2021. Until then, transitional solutions can be used, as already offered with the virtual NetApp appliance at EMC/Isilon.
  • The system to be procured includes a few research data management and development components, which we will be specifying in the coming weeks. This will also include questions about long-term user authentication etc.
  • For the implementation of individual concrete points one can meet again in person or virtually.
  • The system will be set up in machine room I (ground floor - University IT Services building/RZ) and MS III (basement - KG II). The preparations are underway.