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"Content Authoring" - Workshop on creating interactive learning material

Thursday 17 and Friday 17 July 2014, from 9 am to 5 pm. This workshop is offered for teaching staff at Freiburg University.

During this two day workshop you will get to know various tools and methods for digital preparation of learning material. Multimedia and interactive learning material can be created with the help of several tools fairly easily and quickly.

The starting point may be PowerPoint slides and scripts, which are then turned into interactive and/or multimedia e-lectures.

Moreover, you will learn how to produce easy podcasts that can then be made available to students.


  • e-lectures, podcasts, wbts, etc - How, when, what, why?
  • different tools for creating learning material
  • designing an e-lecture from learning material
  • podcasts: how to create podcasts at Freiburg University
  • tips and discussion for didactically purposefully using e-lectures and podcasts in teaching.


Thursday/Friday (17/18 July 2014)

9am to 5 pm

In the IT Services Building


please register  here.

The workshop takes place as part of the E-Learning-Qualification Program and it targets teaching staff at Freiburg University.