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Announcing the 3rd pandemic stage - extended mask obligation within the University of Freiburg

In the course of the proclamation of the 3rd pandemic stage for the whole federal state of Baden-Württemberg, the Corona Ordinance on Study Operation and Art will be adapted. The new regulations will apply from Monday 19 October 2020.

As you have probably already learned from one or the other channel, an "extended mask obligation" has been in effect since this morning in the entire state of Baden-Württemberg, which was personally confirmed and specified by a Communiqué from Rector Prof. Krieglstein. Here you can find the letter dated 18.10.2020.

For visiting and working in the University IT Services building this implies the following:

The wearing of a mouth and nose cover is therefore ordered from now on until further notice

- upon entering the building in all entrance areas, corridors, passageways, staircases, elevators, kitchenettes and sanitary facilities,

- in attending all events, e.g. teaching and admission events, written and oral examinations, first semester courses, meetings and conferences,

- in the use of operating facilities such as libraries, IT Services, FRAUW and

- for independent student work on the premises of the University


The obligation to wear masks applies equally to students, lecturers, staff and all other persons present at the University of Freiburg.

Many thanks for your support.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider, Director of the RZ