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Official launch of bwForCluster BinAC and NEMO / Tech Talk

On 14 July, the official launch of bwForCluster BinaC (location Tübingen) and NEMO (location Freiburg) took place in the presence of minister Bauer, Freiburg's president of research and Tübingen's prorector of research. After a festive launch in the afternoon there was the opportunity to visit the HPC-Cluster NEMO in the IT Services Building. Parallely, there was the opportunity to network with other operators of clusters .
Official launch of bwForCluster BinAC and NEMO / Tech Talk

Official launch on 14 July from 3pm onwards (lecture hall of Otto-Krayer-Haus, Stefan-Meier-Str.)

University IT Services in Baden-Württemberg have realized a major part of the joint bwHPC concept, which has implemented a further step with the launch of Tübingen's Supercomputers BinAC and Freiburg's Supercomputer NEMO.

The four Supercomputers at entry level (Tier-3) and the respective bwHPC competency centers pursue a subject-specific specialization, which entails focus areas at the respective locations ins Baden-Württemberg. NEMO and the competency center ENM in Freiburg supply ressources of Elementary Particle Physics, Neuroscience, and Microsystem-Engineering, while BinAC and the competency center BinA in Tübingen supply resources for Bio-Informatics and Astrophysics.

Thanks go to many participating parties invovled in the application process and planning stages, and who have majorly contributed to the overall success.

During the second step of the event, there will be a public Tech Talk HPC.