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E-Examinations: the first e-examinations have been conducted at Freiburg University

The first e-examinations in connection with the IDA-project "E-Eklausuren" have been conducted at Freiburg University. We were especially excited about the first "mass examination" with 254 participants.

In cooperation with IQuL we conducted the first electronic mass examination with 254 participants on August 8, 2012. The examination took place in the Audimax lecture hall. For this purpose the lecture hall had been equipped with a mobile examination environment, including a server, WLAN hotspots, and laptops.

The exam was conducted for and in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kessler (Chair of Business Taxation). After a brief introduction - participants were able to practice using the platform in advance - the students logged onto the platform and the exam was started simultaneously on all laptops. In conceptualizing the exam, Prof. Dr. Kessler took full advantage of the possibilities for automatized correction, and the exam thus featured multiple choice, gap, and matching questions. The 90 minutes of the exam were hence domianted by clicking sonds of 254 mice, sometimes alternating with typing sounds. Precisely after 90 minutes the exam was automatically ended on all laptops. This is another advantage of such e-examinations: no collecting of paper, which would mean that people in the back rows can continue writing a little longer. There was also an electronic evaluation after the exam, which took place without paper.


SWR TV accompanied the event and covered it in the television report accessible under this link:

Already at the end of July, the German Department conducted first small pilot e-examinations with the university infrastructure. 53 students were already tested successfully in this way.

The next pilot e-examinations will take place toward the end of the winter term and shortly before Christmas. The participating subjects will be dentistry, geology, economics, and apparatus gymnastics, amongst others. In the latter case the use of high solution pictures as well as videos will be called for. This will, once more, show the advantage of e-examinations as opposed to traditional tests on paper.


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