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The e-learning qualification program starts again

After a semester break, we are restarting our e-learning workshops. This semester, all offerings will take place online.

We will start on Thursday, 6.5., with the workshop "E-tests and e-exams: (self-)check learning performance with the ILIAS test module". Next week we will continue with "From the lecture hall to the net: Possibilities and limits of virtual seminar rooms".

All workshops at a glance

E-tests and e-exams: (self-)check learning performance with the ILIAS test module InfoStart 6.5.2021

1st web meeting: Thu, 06.05.2021, 9-12 a.m.

between meetings: asynchronous working phase (plan 2 hours)

2nd webmeeting: Tue, 18.05. 16 -17.30 hrs.
From the Lecture Hall to the Net: Possibilities and limits of virtual seminar rooms InfoStart 10.5.2021: 1,5 h preparation time in own work

Online workshop: Fri, 21.5.2021, 9-12 h and 14-17 hrs.
Flipped Classroom in university teaching InfoStart on 31.5.2021

Asynchronous working phases: 31.5.-10.6.2021 and 12.-24.6.2021

Web meeting 1&2: 6/11/2021 and 6/25/2021 (both 11-12:30)
Learner activation with ILIAS InfoStart 18.06.2021

1st web meeting: Fri, 18.6.2021, 9.30 -13h

in between online group work phase (schedule approx. 1-1,5h)

2nd web meeting: Tue, 29.6.2021, 17-19hrs
Digital teaching materials: create, use and license as OER Info

Start 2.7.2021

1st web meeting: Fri. 2.7., 9 am - 1 pm

between meetings: asynchronous work phase (allow 4 hours)

2nd web meeting: Fri. 9.7., 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.   


The workshops are open to all instructors at the University of Fribourg and can be attended individually and independently of the e-learning qualification program.  Registration and further info.

If you are interested in the complete e-learning qualification program, which concludes with a certificate, you can find more information at We are happy to answer any questions you may have: