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Personnel reinforcement for Research Data Management Group

As of July 1st, there will be personnel addition to the increasingly relevant area of research data management. The previously purely virtual organization RDMG will now be supplemented by a dedicated unit that will promote consulting, training, support and strategy development in this area.

The Research Data Management Group (RDMG) at the University of Freiburg will receive an increase in staff at mid-year, initially for three years. With the start of Jan Leendertse's position, a permanent contact point will be created, which will be available on the FDM-hotline 203-4646 and via the OTRS queue The RDMG is an association of the central facilities for research data management such as University Library, Freiburg Research Services and University IT Services.

Over the next few weeks, a step-by-step approach will be made to the individual faculties in order to anchor the topic of FDM more firmly and to initiate a coordination on "Governance of Research Data". There will also be more comprehensive information on current developments and work on the corresponding policies, which will provide support, in particular, in the application process and in setting up new research projects. For this purpose, existing documents will be further developed so that they can be officially issued as a handbook. At the same time, cooperation with overarching structures such as the working group AK FDM will be intensified. Furthermore, the range of training courses on research data management will be expanded in cooperation with the further training IWB of Freiburg University.