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HPC team at the third bwHPC symposum in Heidelberg

The HPC team from the department of eScience at Freiburg's IT Services and the ATLAS-group in the Physics Department in Freiburg are present at the third bwHPC symposium in Heidelberg. The event promotes exchange with diverse communities, coordination of activities of the different bwHPC locations and C5 accompanying projects. The bwHPC concept is an important part of modern research infrastructures in Baden-Württemberg.
HPC team at the third bwHPC symposum in Heidelberg

A selection of posters from Freiburg

The focus of this year's symposium is the presentation of scientific research projects and as well as of successes of the implementation concept and the support offers. The event is an opportunity for active dialogue between the service providers and the support teams. We are especially delighted that we were able to invite a colleague from Basel University, Florina Ciorba, for a keynote titled "The Value and Need for System Monitoring in HPC operations and research."

Freiburg's team also presented the compilation of thoughts on governance ( Sammelband zur ZKI-Herbsttagung 2015 in Freiburg).