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E-Examination project is awarded the IDA 2012

The cooperation project on E-examinations, iniciated by Prof. Dr. Schneider, is awarded the Instructional Development Award 2012.

The E-Learning Service Center and the Chair in Communication Systems will, in cooperation with IQuL, be examining usefulness and feasibility of electronic examinations in various subjects.

Electronic examinations become increasingly important in the context of the Bologna Reform and the thereby increased number of examinations. In the context of this project the implementation of e-examinations will be tested by conducting pilot examinations in various subjects and by evaluating different technologies. Additionally, requirements specific to certain subjects as well as questions in terms of legal security will be adressed. It will also be an objective to determine advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional examinations. The project's objective is the development of guidelines that will serve as a basis for decisions as to the implementation of e-examinations for departments and for the university administration.

One of the biggest challenges in the context of e-examinations is to offer an adequate technical infrastrucutre. The project will serve to assess whether the technical infrastructure of the university is sufficient for e-examinations with up to 500 participants or whether a cooperation with an external service provider is necessary.

Partners in this project on e-examinations are: The E-Learning Service Center/The University IT Services (coordination, evaluation, and documentation) the Chair in Communication Systems (programming / administration of the virtualised examination environment), the IQul-GmbH (provision of the examination platform Q[kju:]); pilot subjects are: : History Department (ca. 500 participants) Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (ca. 200 participants), Sport Sciences (ca. 100 participants), N.N. (additional pilot subjects will be recruited in the course of the project).

For further information on the IDA programme and the laureates: "Impulswerkstatt Lehrqualität".