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Web supported teaching: using ILIAS in teaching

Workshop on Wednesday 9 April 2014, for teaching staff of Freiburg University.

Ilias is the central learning platform of Freiburg University and it offers many possibilities for enriching teaching with e-learning elements. It is possible to provide material digitally, to offer spaces for group work, to use collaboration tools, and much more. What is the purpose of these functions? How do I integrate them into my class? What do I need to watch out for in using these tools? Which parts of the course need to be taught face to face and which are well taught online?

The workshop aims at answering and discussing these questions. You will receive an overview of the possibilities of use of ILIAS tools, and you will also conceptualize your own online learning environment for a specific course. You will learn how to purposefully integrate ILIAS into your teaching.

The workshop will take place from 9 am to 5 pm in the IT Services Building. It is part of the  E-Learning-Qualification Program and it is open to all teaching staff at Freiburg University

Please register online