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ILIAS will be the university's new learning platform

Starting in the summer term 2013, ILIAS will be introduced and replace CampusOnline.

Starting in the summer term 2013, ILIAS will be introduced as the university's new learning platform and will slowly replace Campusonline. The change has been discussed and voted for by various university committees.

ILIAS is a learning platform which is easy to use: Courses can be created in the course catalog, learning material can be easily uploaded or created (data, modules, links, exercises, tests, etc.). This means that many disadvantages of CampusOnline will be improved with the change to the new learning platform.

For using the platform in teaching, many communication tools, such as wikis, forums, and work groups are available. Even blogs can be used together wit hstudents. Additionally, students have the possibility to create their own learning groups and portfolios or their own blogs.

ILIAS is to be found here: You will be able to log in via your university account and you automatically have the right to create courses in your subject area. It is no longer necessary to demand and receive certain rights in order to do this.

The Service Center E-Learning will offer workshops in 2013, in the course of which the new learning platform will be introduced. Numerous workshops are already scheduled. We are also prepared to offer individual workshops for five or more participants. You can also consult a support documentation, which includes video tutorials via ILIAS.

There will be no automatic migration of data to CampusOnline, since not all contents will need to be transferred. If you need help trnasferring data to the new learning platform, do not hesitate to contact the Service Center E-Learning.

CampusOnline can still be used until autom 2014. Only then will it be shut down. Therefore, there is no hurry to change to ILIAs.

For anyone who does not want to wait until the official launching of ILIAS in February 2013, there is a pilot phase available from now on. ILIAS 

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