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DataPLANT Consortium at NFDI Conference

DataPLANT - a NFDI (National Research Data Infrastructure) initiative focused on basic plant research - participated as one of the funded consortia at the Second NFDI Conference (online format) on 8 and 9 July 2020.

In addition to the other consortia proposed for funding or in the planning stage, the respective intentions and communities were presented at the conference in parallel sessions, as were the first activities planned for the start in October. The abstracts (abstract by DataPLANT) contain formal key data as well as information on the orientation, user needs of the respective scientific community and objectives of the (planned) consortium. In addition to contributions from the GWK (Joint Science Conference), the DFG (German Research Foundation) and the NFDI board of directors, the abstracts presented the current state of discussion, planning and development.

Thus, the conference on 8 and 9 July aimed at three objectives: Information from the DFG on the concept and the overarching goals of the NFDI, as well as on the key points of the proposal submission for the second and third rounds; networking among the consortia proposed and planned for funding; and presentation of the head of the newly founded NFDI Directorate, Professor Dr. York Sure-Vetter. In the future, the Directorate will support the self-organisation and networking of the consortia on cross-consortium services, on subject-related or data-like offerings and on other issues.