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Extension of Matlab state license

We are receiving an increased amount of inquieries regarding the state license for Matlab, which ends at the end of March 2018. Especially frequent are questions surrounding the extension of the state license.

As the consortium leader, our colleagues at KIT Karlsruhe have been collecting financing commitments from schools and negotiating with the creator The Mathworks for months. The acquisition at KIT has been prepared and there already exists an offer from The Mathworks, which, to our best knowledge, should be accepted as soon as the grant decision has been made.

We today (28.2.2018) received an invitation to a web conference, at which further information regarding the license rollout should be released. Thus, we believe that both parties are willing to and will in fact finalise the contract. We´re also expecting a seemless transition of the license.

At the moment, we cannot tell whether or not the cost model of the Uni Freiburg will have to be adjusted.

Kind regards,

Your RZ License Team