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Terms of use for IT Services machine room

The IT Services complies with Green-IT concerns and aims at responsible use of resources. As part of the current construction works for Baden-Württemberg's HPC Ressource bwFor-ENM and the regional center for virtualization (RZV), existing machine rooms are further developed. This includes improvements to air-conditioning and an expansion of machine room IIb (former -104) and machine room III in KG II. In the future, HPC and other compute resources will be concentrated centrally in the IT Services building. In order to achieve better resource planning, new processes for introducing machines to the IT Services building have been developed.

These processes are based on the terms of use available since October 2014 ( terms of use). 

All therein defined processes have been developed together with a selection of users. 

The aim is to simplify processes and information for clients as well as compliance with guidelines, specifically in relation to environmental guidelines, such as have been devised by a workgroup for the sustainable university.

Especially the aims of reduction of resource use and is aimed at through mandatory and clearly structured procedures.

The terms of use are not the final stage but are regularly re-examined and, if necessary, modified. Each change to the terms of use will be determined and passed. This will ensure continuity between different versions.

The structure of the terms of use is oriented along the life cycle of hardware and starts with the question whether and under which conditions hardware can be accommodated in the IT Services building. It also addresses  requirements for operation and procedures of disposal or replacement of hardware.

The terms of use define what has been decided upon by a designated group ( It also determines physical access to hardware and the conditions for replacement of hardware.