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Update bwLehrpool basic system

The new update of the bwLehrpool basic system with bug fixes, adjustments and general improvements has been delivered.
Update bwLehrpool basic system

Login window with indication of remote access (bwLehrpool-remote)

May News

The new bwLehrpool basic system (29r1, 29b14) is ready and will be delivered to the bwLehrpool computers immediately.

Software updates

The biggest change will undoubtedly be the switch to the latest LTS kernel 5.15. The software used for virtualization has also been upgraded:

  •     VMware: Update to version 16.1.2, as well as
  •     VirtualBox: Update to version 6.1.22.

The graphics drivers for the frequently used integrated Intel chipsets were updated along with the kernel. Nvidia-based graphics cards now work with the new 510.54 drivers (legacy cards 390.147).

Functional updates / improvements

Here is a small excerpt from the list of improvements (link to more detailed list below):

  •    Computers in rooms that have been unlocked for remote access using bwLehrpool-remote now carry a note about this in the login window (see figure).
  •     Sound control or switching the sound output on and off, which sometimes caused irritation among teaching staff, is now possible directly via the PVS toolbar.
  •     In kiosk systems, the auto-update of the Kiosk Chromium has been disabled, thus also annoying messages.
  •     VMware VMs: 3D is now always enabled (was previously done via whitelist)
  •     VMware VMs: Graphics memory 'svga.graphicsMemoryKB' is now set higher or taken from the uploaded VMX file.
  •     The LDAP filters for events (can be set via bwLehrpool-Suite) now also support the wildcards '*' and '?

In addition, several annoyances have been fixed (see below for a detailed list):

  •     The 'Reconnect' message that sometimes appeared in bwLehrpool-remote has been removed; the rarely set incorrect resolution has been fixed.
  •     Wake-on-Lan was sometimes not (re-)enabled correctly on the network card - solved.
  •     Some systems could not start events when local caching was enabled - solved.
  •     Home drives were sometimes mounted multiple times.
  •     The screensaver (Xscreensaver) started in some cases again and again after 1min.
  •     The Kiosk Chromium initially reloaded the website several times in a row.

Update list and contact

A more detailed list of updates and fixes can be found here; if you have any suggestions, comments or problems, please contact us as always at our support address.