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10.08.2022: Learning platform ILIAS - public areas currently deactivated

Due to a bug in the code, we have currently disabled the public areas on the ILIAS learning platforms. All courses and content that can be accessed after logging into the personal area are accessible normally.

The error has already been reported to the ILIAS developers, we hope to receive a fix for the error quickly.
To install updates and a hotfix, if necessary, short maintenance breaks are to be expected in the next few days. A first maintenance break is today after 21:00h.

All ILIAS platforms (ILIAS Teaching, ILIAS for Continuing Education (WB-ILIAS), MedicAL, kosmic and ILIAS-Exam) are affected.


  •     Central learning platform ILIAS: The two publicly accessible help areas for teachers and students ("Toolbox Digital Teaching" and "Digital Studying") can currently only be accessed when logged in. Links from outside will redirect you to the login page
  •     WB-ILIAS: The publicly viewable magazine is currently deactivated. Self-registration only works after confirmation by the system administration.
  •     ILIAS-EXAM: no impact, because there is no public area
  •     KOSMIC: the public start page is deactivated
  •     medicAL: the public start page is deactivated


We ask for your attention and understanding for the temporary restrictions. We hope to receive a patch for the bug soon.

Your RZ Team