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Announcement: Adobe Connect shutdown at the end of the lecture period

On 08/08/2021, the annual license of Adobe Connect will expire. Since the introduction of ZOOM and BigBlueButton, we have seen a steady decline in demand. Therefore, the University IT Services have decided to discontinue the university Adobe Connect server at the end of the lecture period. Those who want to use the functionality of Adobe Connect beyond this date and do not want to switch to BBB or ZOOM can switch to the Adobe Connect server of the "DFN-Verein" at no cost.

What do you need to consider?

  • Are you currently using the Adobe Connect server for live sessions or oral exams? This will be possible until 08.08. However, if possible, please switch to other systems immediately, in particular to the university's own BigBlueButton server (seminars and exams) or to ZOOM (seminars).
  • You would like to continue to use the familiar functionality of Adobe Connect for meetings and seminars beyond 08.08.2021? In this case, you can switch to the Adobe Connect service of DFN-Verein. For more information on switching to the DFN Connect server, please see the link below. Please note that for technical reasons there is no possibility of automatic data migration from our Connect server to the DFN Connect server. You start there with a new user account.
  • Have you already switched to another meeting platform (Zoom or BBB) some time ago? If you have not used the Adobe Connect server for some time and do not have any recordings or other materials to archive on the system, you do not need to take any further steps. All of your data will be archived for the time being when the server is shut down and will be deleted in a timely manner.
  • No longer using Connect, but still have records to archive and reuse? Please archive independently until 08/08/2021, you can find instructions here. Please note that once the server is shut down, recordings or materials will no longer be accessible.

You can find more information and instructions here:

Have questions about our Adobe Connect server shutdown?
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