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Zoom website login disrupted

UPDATE 12:05 p.m.: Fault has been fixed by Zoom! There is currently a glitch with the registration on the website Instructions for presenters and participants can be found below.

Since we do not have direct access to Zoom's website, we cannot solve the malfunction ourselves. The malfunction mainly affects the display of the website, which also disrupts the login process. 

Note for presenters: 
The meetings you have created will still be available, but you may not be able to create or view meetings through the website at this time. 
If you need immediate access to your scheduled meetings or wish to create a new meeting, you can either access your scheduled meetings or create a new meeting via the zoom client. 
If you don't already have a Zoomclient, you can download it at
Log in to the Zoomclient with your zoom account. 
If you wish to access via the website: However, it has been found that persistent and repeated reloading of the web page will allow the content to display normally again. 
Notes for participants
If you plan to attend a meeting but do not want to use the zoom client, reload the meeting web page several times if the display is also disrupted. After 5-10 reloads and a short wait in between, the meeting window will display almost normally, allowing you to access the meeting settings and chat. 
Please also note: The disruption has nothing to do with the transition to the new license year. Licenses are available as usual and all licensed users are still licensed. 
UPDATE 10:35 AM:
Zoom has posted an incident report:
UPDATE 12:05pm:  
Zoom reports that the glitch has been fixed.
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