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Update: File server/central storage system: maintenance completed at approx. 3.30 p.m.; original message: File server/central storage system: Firmware update on 20.12.18 and interference of various services

Update: All nodes have been successfully updated. The maintenance works were completed at approx. 3.30 p.m. and no further interruptions are expected.

Original message:

On Thursday, 20.12.18, the firmware of the file server/central storage system will be updated. The maintenance works will begin at 8 a.m. and are expected to take all day. Small interruptions at different times must be expected. The systems affected and the effects are described in more detail below.

All services that use the central storage system are affected. Those are, among others: ILIAS, web server, group server, BSCW, NEMO, bwLehrpool, home directories, log-in server, shares/shared drives and profiles (Windows)

The length of the interruptions of the services depend on the type of connection. Sign-in, session and storage issues can thus occur at any time during the maintenance window.

Each node (16 nodes are in operation) will be updated and rebooted individually, one after the other. This takes around 30 minutes per node, and each node will only be updated after the update of the proceeding node has been completed. The node will not be available for the duration of the update. Services that automatically switch their protocol connection to a different node will only be affected for a short time. Services without the automatic switch will not be available for approximately 30 minutes. Since the nodes will be updated at random times, it isn´t possible to say which service will be affected at what time.

Information for home directories/ shares/ shared servers: In these services it can happen that the directory will be unavailable for a short time. Depending on the timeout, it is possible that it will be accessible again within a minute.

Generally: Since every node is updated individually, the services might be affected multiple times during the maintenance window.


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