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Performance Problems HISinOne - Course functions (Sunday, 2 Feb. 2014, 9 am)

Several users have reported performance problems with the new campus-management-system HISinOne. Course functions (detailed view, …) are at the moment problematic.

Original report: Saturday, 1 Feb. 2014:

HISinOne is currently in its pilot phase. The currently used functions had until now only been used with a limited number of users. However, they have been tested with more users than were accessing the system today. It seems to be the case that several functions need system resources to an extent that exceeds server capacity if many users try to access the respective functions simultaneously. This leads to timeouts and errors. We will most likely not be able to offer solutions during the weekend and apologize for any inconveniences. 

Your HISinOne-Team


Update: Sunday, 2 Feb. 9 am

We have made changes to course view settings that should improve the overall performance of the system.