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21.01.2021: bwSync&Share update - service not available (30 min.)

WHAT: bwSync&Share update - service not available (30 min.) WHEN: 01/21/2021 17:00:00 to 01/21/2021 18:00:00 DESCRIPTION: Update Nextcloud software to latest release. Commissioning of all components with new version. AFFECTED: State service bwSync&Share - IMPACT: According to planning, there will be a 1/2 hour service outage. However, a longer interruption cannot be ruled out.
bwSync&Share Update - Dienst nicht verfügbar (30 Min.)

21.01.2021 17:00:00 bis 
21.01.2021 18:00:00

Update der Software Nextcloud auf das neueste Release.
Inbetriebnahme aller Komponenten mit neuer Version.

Landesdienst bwSync&Share -

Laut Planung kommt es zu einem 1/2-stündigen Ausfall des Dienstes. Eine längere Unterbrechung kann jedoch nicht ausgeschlossen werden.

With the above message to us, there was additional important information about the malfunction report: "Please note: This and other malfunction reports are published on the SCC website "Current Reports" - If the "Current Messages" website is unavailable due to serious disruptions in the SCC IT infrastructure, information about these disruptions will be published at