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2021-07-08T07:15: Malfunction in the bwCloud (Update: 10:20 a.m. fixed)

Since 2021-07-08 - 07:15, the bwCloud has been partially out of service due to a large-scale fault (severe fluctuation in the city area, which affected some fuses in Machine Hall II in the RZ). Investigations are still ongoing. Updates will be provided here in this incident report. Update 10:20 a.m.: The bwCloud is back in operation.

Today (2021-07-08) morning at 07:15 a large-scale disruption occurred due to a short, strong power fluctuation in the bwCloud. Large parts of the bwCloud have been temporarily offline and some parts still are. Investigations are still ongoing.

08:30: Storage reports no data loss.
09:50: There appears to have been a large-scale power fluctuation/power outage in the city area. Other services are also reporting disruptions.
09:55: All but one of the computes nodes are back online.
10:20 a.m.: The infrastructure should be fully functional again.