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Adobe Connect licenses currently fully utilized

As already communicated on several occasions, the University of Freiburg has obtained a license for a maximum of 200 simultaneous users for Adobe Connect. This limit is currently reached, as a result please switch to the below mentioned alternatives.

 With the regular start of the semester it becomes apparent that there are license bottlenecks, especially during peak hours between 10:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you are unable to attend your Adobe Connect seminar as planned, please use one of the following alternatives:

Due to the high demand for live tools, the University IT Services has launched two alternatives to Adobe Connect:
  • Big Blue Button for seminars and tutorials (University owned Server)
Like Adobe Connect, every ILIAS course room offers the possibility of creating a virtual classroom based on the open source system "BigBlueButton" which provides similar functionalities as Adobe Connect. The advantage of BigBlueButton is that the system runs completely in the browser and no client has to be installed. This also allows Linux users to participate fully in online sessions. Since there are no license fees for the open source solution BigBlueButton, we can scale the server capacities comprehensively. Currently, 6 times the capacity of Adobe Connect is available, which will be further expanded according to our needs.
BigBlueButton is suitable for interactive seminars, with video/discussion, screen sharing, whiteboard and breakout groups. Recording of the sessions is not possible and not intended. You can find further information and instructions under Toolbox Digital Teaching - BigBlueButton


  • Zoom for lectures and large seminars (external cloud solution)
If you have large groups to supervise, or an event of an exclusively presenting or lecturing type, you can use the cloud solution Zoom.
Seminar and lecture recordings can only be initiated by the lecturer (without participant interaction). Further information and guidelines for lecturers and students can be found at:
  • Online oral exams (own BBB solution)
For oral exams, please also use our solution based on BigBlueButton, which has been set up especially for exams. You can find more information here: Toolbox Digital Teaching - scenarios for examinations
Please note that if your Adobe Connect session must be held between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., i.e. during peak hours, you may need to switch to the above mentioned alternatives. In addition, please note our recommendation to use Adobe Connect only for small groups (< 25 participants).
Your RZ Team