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MATLAB license renewal

The current rental period of one year for MATLAB ends on 31 March 2016. New keys have however already been created. This means that old keys can no longer be for new installation. Usage through old keys is however still possible.

Users of MATLAB have been informed about the end of the license period. The warning message asks  users to contact system administrators to renew the license. This has created increased support requirements and led to the decision to change the license to the new period. This ensures that MATLAB is directly and easily available for license renewal. The new period runs until 31 March 2017.

Users wanting to conduct new installations until March 2016 are facing a problem. They can no longer use old keys to do so. There are therefore two options

a) If the wish to renew MATLAB, they can acquire it via the software shop.

b) Otherwise, they should contact

This information is relevant also for students, the only difference being that for them the new license period will be free of charge.

Detlev Degenhardt